Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kansas Expungements - Criminal Record

It's a new year which is a time to start fresh.  A criminal record is something that can haunt you for the rest of your life. It can interfere with housing applications, employment, gun rights, and your general reputation.  Kansas is one of a few states with very generous expungement rules allowing you to expunge almost any misdemeanor and also expunge a wide range of felonies. 

If you're curious about your criminal record or want to know your criminal history, you can make a request from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, or if you know the specific court where your convictions occurred, you may be able to request those record directly from the clerk. 

Do I need a lawyer?

When you're trying to get a criminal record expunged, you want it done right and done as quickly as possible.  An experienced expungement attorney is the most secure and reliable way to make sure it's done quickly and done the right way. It also can prevent missteps that delay your expungement and can avoid issues that might prevent your expungement from being granted.  If you don't reside in Kansas it can also help you complete your expungement without having to come back to the state.

Do I need to come back to Kansas for my expungement?

No, you do not need to return to Kansas to expunge your Kansas criminal records.  Your attorney can file the required paperwork, obtain your signature on the appropriate materials, and file everything without you being present.  That being said, sometimes the Court or the prosecuting attorney for the state will ask that a hearing be held on your expungement request.  An experienced attorney will work hard to avoid this if at all possible. This hassle can add significant cost, travel expense, and missed work to complete your expungement.  If a hearing is requested then you will be required to appear before the court to support your expungement request.   This is a time when having an expungement attorney in your corner will really benefit you.

What does this cost?

There is a fee to file your expungement in most courts. In Kansas District Courts the fee as of this writing is $195.00.  Often that cost is rolled into your costs for hiring an attorney.  Many attorneys can cost thousands of dollars for the service of a criminal record expungement.  That's too much.  It's best to shop around. Find an experienced Kansas expungement attorney that can service your expungement for a flat fee.  Find someone who serves all 105 Kansas Counties who can clear your Kansas criminal record quickly and efficiently.