Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting on Diversion for MIPs and DUIs

It's often the case that, if it's your first offense, the prosecutor in Riley County District Court, Manhattan Municipal Court, or Pottawatomie County District Court will offer you diversion. Diversion is a contract between the state or city prosecutor and the defendant (the person alleged to have committed the crime). 

The contract typically states that the prosecutor will agree to dismiss the charges if the defendant abides by the rules of the diversion.  Typical rules of diversion include things such as:  paying a fee, doing community service hours, completing an alcohol and drug evaluation, and staying out of trouble (and Aggieville or local bar district) until diversion is completed. 

Diversion is a great option for many with their first DUI or MIP, however, it's always important to understand that you are giving up your right to a trial when you enter into diversion.  Before you commit yourself to a diversion, it's important to contact a local attorney to review your case and request discovery on your behalf. 

If you're thinking about diversion for your MIP or DUI in Riley County or surrounding communities, contact a lawyer in Manhattan, KS.

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